Michał Sobczak
  • Name: Michał
  • Surname: Sobczak
  • Age: 21

About me

I like playing baskteball, volleyball. Also I like programming, that's why creation of websites, mobile aps or desktop aps it's for me pure pleasure and fun.

Work experience

  1. eatnet.pl - Wordpress developer March 2018 - now
  2. Pixelmeal s.c. - Web developer, June 2016 - now
  3. Coderia sp. z o.o. - Junior C# developer, July - August 2015
  4. Coderia sp. z o.o. - IT intership, May 2015
  5. Leader of computer course for elderly people, November 2014 - April 2015


  • Computer Science on University of technology in Opole -> 2016 - now
  • IT Technical high school Informatyczne in Olesno -> 2012 - 2016


  • Qualification E14 Creation of web applications, databases and managment.
  • Qualification E13 Designing local computer networks and management.
  • Qualification E12 Montage and exploitation of personal computers or external devices.
  • Internet revolution - Google.


Game for programming lessons

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Brawlhalla Lore

Application for Brawlhalla fans

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Group of Computer Science students

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It's name of my game xD "Skakanie po platformach w prawo w nieskończność żeby nie spaść"
eng. "Jumping on platforms to the right side for forever and avoid to fell down"
I have created this game for university lesson. Buttons on the bottom will redirect you to a game. You can play the game on your browser or your android phone.

Brawlhalla Lore

What is Brawlhalla Lore?

It is a mobile application, which is perfect for Brawlhalla game fans. You can check your statistics, history of legends, check coming up tournaments or just check live streams on twitch.

What application contains?

  • Usage of API from Brawlhalla game developers
  • Usage of API from Twitch.tv developers
  • Usage of API from challange.me developers
  • Reader of XML file with legends info
Brawlhalla Lore


What is Collegium.?

Collegium. it is a group of students of University of Technology in Opole. To group belong: me (SopsoN), Sztosik, Murzyn and Pepe. We have met on university. In first semester we were in same group, so obviously we are together for a long time during a day. 11th of of October 2016, we came up to name our group: Collegium.

What we do?

  • We create responsive websites
  • We create mobile applications (Android)
  • We create all related to graphic design
  • Even we can host some websites

Programistyczny kabarecik leci! xD